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"Testing with Mary gave us a place to start with two of our children. Our daughter was struggling and not progressing. Under Mary's guidance, we were able to quickly get her the assistance she needed and now she is making great progress. Our son was having difficulty following instructions. After Mary's evaluation, we all learned that he can take oral or written instruction, but not both at the same time. He went from "F's" to "A's" in one quarter. Mary's testing and advice is the best value in Alaska."
Thankful Anchorage Mom & Family

"Mary has tested all three of our children with the complete WJ III Testing System. Two of them are developmentally delayed, and one is exceptionally bright, but not well focused. In all three situations, she gave us excellent advice on how to help them improve within their individual learning styles. The children are now working up to their ability levels, and are very excited about their progress."
- Home school parents, Eagle River, Alaska

"Mary told me things about my children that I needed to know, I just didn't know what to ask, how to ask or who to ask before she suggested testing. It has been a blessing to me and my family."

"The testing that Mary did changed our lives. The Bradleys will be forever grateful that Mary shared her talent. If you think you need to have your child tested, do it. Call Mary; get started!"

- Reb & Beverly Bradley, Home school conference speakers and authors

"Mary has proven to be a wonderful resource for our homeschooling family. Her testing pinpointed areas of strength and weakness, but she didn't stop with that. She helped us develop a new approach to our homeschooling, and now we're seeing better results and higher achievement. Her testing and counseling has helped us immensely. Thank you, Mary!"

...We are finishing up the school year and it has been great with huge improvements. He is finally reading books - lots of them! He stays up almost every night reading biographies. His spelling has improved greatly between Phonics Zoo and his ASD teacher that visits twice a week. He is still writing Sunday sermon papers, and doing an excellent job with them. Not only are they thoroughly written, they keep his dad up on missed sermons when he travels. Lastly, thanks to your suggestion on Math, he finished for the year with an A! You offer a great service and I tell others about it all the time.
- Home schooling Parent, Eagle River

"The test that you administered helped us look at our son with new eyes. We are able to sse why he ticks (thinks) the way he does on some things and we are better able to guide his training. Thank you."
- Home school father

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