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Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing - $575

After an interview, achievement and cognitive tests are administered individually to determine any learning problems or weaknesses. Reading, writing, math, and spelling skills are measured as required. Standard scores and percentile ranks are given that compare the student to other students of her or her age. Grade level scores are also given. This test provides cognitive and academic information that can be used to improve academic success.

Dyslexia Screening - $425

This individual screening will identify whether or not your child is dyslexic and determine the type of dyslexia. Appropriate curriculum suggestions and remediation strategies will follow the testing. If it becomes apparent during the testing that the child is not dyslexic, then the test will convert to the Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing.

ADD/ADHD Screening - $425

Consider this diagnostic screening if your child is distracted, impulsive, does not attend to tasks, or has difficulty controlling delayed gratification. Mary will provide strategies for school, home, work and social settings if your child has ADD or ADHD.

Achievement Testing - $375

This testing determines if your child is at grade level in reading, writing, math, and spelling skills.

Oral Consultation - $50 per hour

Two hours are included in the testing fee. Further consultations may be arranged at any time after the test has been administered.

Official Legal Report - $1700

If a legal report is required by the court, employer, or for medical records, Mary will write a notarized report.

Payment is due upon completion of the testing.

Outside the Anchorage, Alaska area: Testing is available with additional charge for travel expenses to be paid prior to the testing date.
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