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Is achieving success in learning a struggle?
Does your child have trouble following a series of oral directions or retaining spelling words, math facts, and historical dates?
Is learning new skills difficult or intimidating for your child?
Does your child have difficulty following what is being said or expressing his thoughts?
Is your teen reluctant to take on reading or writing tasks?
Does your teen have a poor grasp of abstract concepts?
Does your teen show inattention to details or excessively focus on them?

In many families school represents a daunting and difficult task not only for the student but also for the parent/teachers. Assessments are not reserved for children with obvious disabilities or mental handicaps; every child has a different strengths and weaknesses. Both parents and children benefit from an individual learning strategy based on Mary's cognitive assessment.

Mary uses the Woodcock Johnson III Cognitive and Achievement Testing System to identify your child's strengths and struggles and then works with you to develop creative and effective solutions to learning difficulties. The WJ III Cognitive Testing System includes tests of knowledge, reasoning, memory and retrieval, speed, auditory processing, and visual-spatial thinking. The WJ III Achievement Testing System includes reading, mathematics, written language, and knowledge tests.

Mary often describes the WJ III as "an X-ray of your brain." It allows you to understand why it is difficult for your child to learn or remember things, it pinpoints the struggles, and identifies the strengths. More often than not, you will find that your child has undiscovered gifts and strengths.

The WJ III uses the principle of "selected testing." It is not intended that all 10 hours of tests should be administered to all individuals. The referral question or information along with data collected during preliminary test will determine which tests are administered.

After Mary tests your child, school will become something that both the child and the parent/teacher look forward to!

The Process...

Contact Mary by mail, email, or phone with the problem or difficulties you want to address. Determine when, where, and length of time for testing. Mary will come to your home or you can go to her house for testing. The testing time is arranged to fit into your child's schedule, not office hours. The comprehensive diagnostic testing takes about five hours.

Within a week of testing, Mary will send you a written report that includes teaching and classroom ideas, curriculum suggestions, and remediation strategies.

An appointment for a two-hour oral consultation is then made to discuss the results and how solutions can be implemented in your home. Questions from the parents and the student are answered at this time.

If required for an employer, the court, medical records, or the school district, an accredited legal report can be generated upon request.

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